CVAA Practice Event: Achieving Equality of Outcomes for Children Awaiting Permanence, December 2017

Tuesday 19 December 2017

This December CVAA brought together VAA adoption practice managers to discuss how we can best achieve equality of outcomes for all children awaiting permanence.

We looked at what the data tells us about the types of children currently awaiting permanence, and what their journeys look like, and Dr Matt Woolgar built on this by presenting the specific challenges faced by these children. Matt praised VAAs’ expertise in matching children’s’ characteristics to what families want and can care for. With tailored support packages it is possible to help adopters to re imagine the types of children who are in need of forever families, and feel confident that they will be supported to competently parent these children.

CVAA member agencies PACT and Adoption Matters both presented their own inventive ways of recruiting and preparing adopters through working with the church and LGBT communities. In this session delegates had the opportunity to network and share their own ideas, and we heard the perspective of two adopters. Child care consultant Shelagh Beckett also facilitated a session to help us focus on incorporating what we had learnt in the day, and the evidence base, into practice.

CVAA members can access resources from this event in the members area of our website. Thank you to all who attended. We hope to see you at our event in London on Thursday 25th January.

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