About CVAA

CVAA was established in 1993 by not-for-profit VAAs to ensure the on-going viability of the voluntary adoption sector. Our mission is to ensure CVAA member agencies are enabled to deliver services of excellence to children, adoptive families, birth parents, and all those considering adoption, or who have been affected by it.

With improving outcomes for children at the heart of everything that we do, we support VAAs to place children with adoptive parents and provide lifelong support, to support birth families and reunite families separated through adoption. As a membership organisation CVAA serves and promotes the interests of member agencies in the four UK nations and the Isle of Man.

CVAA has three objectives

Objective 1
Develop standards of excellence in practice and management throughout the voluntary adoption sector

Objective 2
Promote cooperation between voluntary and statutory sectors in the adoption system and reduce barriers to inter agency placements

Objective 3
Influence policy and practice in the wider adoption system at local, regional and national levels

CVAA has increased its role in effectively influencing policy and practice in the UK at national, regional and local levels. Over the past three years we have responded both to tremendous opportunities and challenges in a fast changing adoption landscape. We are now more able than ever to create change and improve outcomes in the lives of children and families. Member agencies, both large and small, have been critical to our success and together we have flourished, we have shared learning, we have taken risks and we have started to unleash the power of innovation.