About CVAA

CVAA’s mission is to increase excellence in the adoption system and help enable our members to continue to deliver high-quality services to all those affected by adoption. We work flexibly and collaboratively, maximising our influence by ensuring our work is evidence-based and enriched by understanding of data and practice.  We are independent of any individual provider, and in a competitive market we provide a co-operative forum for drawing together the best of the adoption system’s intelligence, expertise and innovation.

With improving outcomes for children and families at the heart of everything we do, CVAA has three main objectives:

Objective 1
Develop standards of excellence in practice and management throughout the voluntary adoption sector

Objective 2
Promote cooperation between voluntary and statutory sectors in the adoption system and reduce barriers to interagency placements

Objective 3
Influence policy and practice in the wider adoption system at local, regional and national levels

Over the past three years CVAA has increased its influence in the UK. We have responded to tremendous opportunities and challenges in a fast-changing adoption landscape and are now more able than ever to effect change. Member agencies, both large and small, have been critical to our success.