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Using the VAA search facility

When you enter your postcode below details of Voluntary Adoption Agencies which cover your area will be listed. This may include a mixture of national and local VAAs. The national VAAs contact details may be their Head Office address, but they are likely to have other offices based around the country.

Please make enquiries with as many agencies covering your area as you wish. You may find it helpful to visit the agencies websites using the link provided before making contact by email or phone.

When contacting agencies it is important to confirm that they actively provide a service in your locality. You may wish to seek confirmation at the initial enquiry stage that the agency recruits, assesses and supports adoptive families in your area.


Alternatively, you can view an agency directly:

ARC Adoption North East

- ARC Adoption North East, Sunderland Office

Action for Children

- Action for Children South West, Bristol Office
- Action for Children Mosaic Adoption and Permanency Team, London Office
- Action for Children Midlands, Birmingham Office

Adoption Focus

- Adoption Focus, Birmingham Office
- Adoption Focus, Staffs Office
- Adoption Focus, Oxon Office

Adoption Matters Northwest

- Adoption Matters Northwest, Chester Office


- Adoptionplus, Bucks Office

After Adoption, Families that Last

- After Adoption, Families that Last, Manchester Office
- After Adoption, Families that Last, Liverpool Office


- Barnardo’s Scotland Adoption Placement Service, Glasgow Office
- Barnardo's North East Family Placement, County Durham Office
- Barnardo's Adoption and Fostering Yorkshire, Bradford Office
- Barnardo's Adoption & Fostering South West, Bristol Office
- Barnardo's Adoption Service, E.London & S.East, Essex Office
- Barnardo’s Cymru Adoption (South Wales), Cardiff Office
- Barnardo’s Cymru Adoption (North Wales), Gwynedd Office

CCS Adoption

- CCS Adoption, Bristol Office

Cabrini Children's Society

- Cabrini Children's Society, East Sussex Office
- Cabrini Children's Society, Surrey Office
- Cabrini Children's Society, Winchester Office
- Cabrini Children's Society, Berkshire Office

Caritas Care

- Caritas Care, Lancashire Office
- Caritas Care, Sale Office
- Caritas Care, Cumbria Office
- Caritas Care, Carlisle Office


- Coram Cambridgeshire Adoption, Cambridge Office
- Coram Adoption East Midlands, Loughborough Office
- Coram Adoption London, London Office
- Coram Adoption South London, London Office
- Coram Adoption North London, London Office

DFW Adoption

- DFW Adoption, Durham Office

Faith in Families

- Faith in Families, Nottingham Office

Families for Children Trust

- Families for Children Trust, Devon Office
- Families for Children Trust, Dorchester Office

Family Care

- Family Care, Nottingham Office

Family Care Society

- Family Care Society, Belfast Office
- Family Care Society, Derry Office

Family Futures CIC

- Family Futures CIC, London Office

New Leaf Adoption

- New Leaf Adoption, York Office


- NORWOOD, Middlesex Office

Nugent Care Children's Fieldwork Services

- Nugent Care Children's Fieldwork Services, Merseyside Office


- Parents and Children Together - PACT, Reading Office
- Parents and Children Together - PACT, Oxford Office
- Parents and Children Together - PACT, Pimlico, London Office
- Parents and Children Together - PACT, Old Street, London Office

SSAFA Forces Help

- SSAFA Forces Help, London Office

Scottish Adoption

- Scottish Adoption, Edinburgh Office

St. Andrew's Children's Society

- St. Andrew's Children's Society, Edinburgh Office
- St. Andrew's Children's Society, Aberdeen Office

St. David's Children Society

- St. David's Children Society, Cardiff Office
- St. David's Children Society, Hereford Office

St. Francis' Children's Society

- St. Francis' Children's Society, Milton Keynes Office

St. Margaret's Children and Family Care Society

- St. Margaret's Children and Family Care Society, Glasgow Office

TACT Adoption

- TACT Adoption, London Office

The Children's Centre

- The Children's Centre, Isle of Man Office

Yorkshire Adoption Agency

- Yorkshire Adoption Agency, South Yorkshire Office