About the Adoption Leadership Board

The Adoption Leadership Board (ALB) was established in 2014 to provide leadership to the adoption system and drive improvements in performance. CVAA has a contract with the DfE to provide a management and secretariat service for the ALB.

The ALB is made up of 17 senior officials from key organisations in the adoption system in England. This includes colleagues from local authorities, voluntary adoption agencies, the Department for Education, and independent experts.

The ALB is chaired by Andrew Christie, who was appointed by the Education Secretary in March 2016. Andrew has over 40 years’ experience on the front line of children’s social care and is also the commissioner for children’s social care in Birmingham and chair of the Lambeth Safeguarding Children Board. Previously, Andrew has acted as the Executive Director of Children’s Services for London’s Tri-borough area and as Chair of Health, Care and Additional Needs Policy Committee at ADCS.


Andrew Christie
Alison Michalska
Chair of Health, Care and Additional Needs Policy Committee
Charlotte Ramsden
Chief Executive
Sue Armstrong-Brown
John Simmonds
Chief Executive Officer
Annie Crombie
Director of children’s social care, practice and workforce
Katy Willison, Tabitha Bruf
Chief Social Worker
Isabelle Trowler
Carol Homden
Chair of the Children and Young People’s Board
Cllr Lucy Nethsingha
Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Douglas
Kim Bromley-Derry
Peter Sandiford
Professor of Social Work
Julie Selwyn
Judicial Observer
Mr Justice MacDonald
Professional Adviser to the Board
Mark Owers