Data on Adoption

The ALB conducts a quarterly collection of data from all local authorities, RAAs, and VAAs in England. The primary aim of the ALB data collection is to collect information about children in the adoption process and (prospective) adopters to enable decision-making at national, regional and local level to be evidence-based and informed by strong intelligence, and for agencies and regional boards to have the information they need to improve performance.

Latest published data

The latest publicly available data covers the period up to 30 June 2016. This data covers all local authorities and VAAs in England.
Key headlines are:

  • The number of children waiting is still falling, though much more slowly than in recent years. At the end of June 2016 there were 2,000 children waiting with a placement order but who had not yet been placed.
  • The number of new placement orders being granted is overall stable, averaging approximately 1,000 each quarter.
    Adopter approval numbers overall have stabilised at approximately 700 approvals per quarter. This comes after a period of significant decline in adopter recruitment, particularly within local authorities where approvals have fallen by approximately 50% since Q4 2013-14.
  • The number of approved adopters waiting for a match to a child has continued to fall, though there are still more adopters waiting than children.
  • Overall, current trends in adopter recruitment and placement orders suggest that there are currently more children being put forward for adoption than adopters being approved.

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