ASGLB Quarterly Data Collection

Please note that, starting with Q1 2019/20, all future ASGLB data will be commissioned by the management service at Coram-i. Templates and guidance for the latest data commission can be downloaded from Coram-i’s website.

The ASGLB data return is completed by every local authority, voluntary adoption agency, and regional adoption agency in England on a quarterly basis. The primary aim of the collection is to gather information about children in the adoption process and prospective adopters to enable decision-making at national, regional and local level to be evidence-based and informed by strong intelligence, and for agencies and regional boards to have the information they need to improve performance. Data is commissioned at the beginning of each quarter with the deadline for the return of the data being four weeks later.

Q4 2018-19 data is due on 10th June 2019.

Please click here to download the ASGLB Quarterly Data Template 2018-19

Please click here to download the ASGLB Quarterly Data Guidance 2018-19