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Trends in adoption and special guardianship support and priorities for the future (August 2018)

The Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board has commissioned a paper reviewing trends in adoption and special guardian support as part of its ‘Modernising Permanence’ project. The report identifies a range of questions and suggestions for further work, and has led the Board to create two working groups to take this forward. The ‘modernising permanence’ steering group will be thinking about short-term priorities, where changes could make a difference in the near future, and also big and difficult questions which we need to consider over a longer period in order to reach a consensus and move forwards.

The report has also led the Board to create a Special Guardianship task and finish group, which will focus specifically on issues around placement, assessment, and post-order support for special guardians and children. The work of this group will of course feed into the wider ‘modernising permanence’ project, along with supporting the Board’s work following the expansion of its remit to include special guardianship for previously looked-after children in April 2018.

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What does our data tell us about what is happening in the adoption system? The view of the Adoption Leadership Board (December 2017)

The Adoption Leadership Board has published a paper summarising recent adoption data. These trends negate the idea that there is a decline in adoption, and suggest that the sector is facing an insufficiency of adopters.

Andrew Christie, ALB Chair, said:

“For too long now there has been a belief that adoption is in decline and fewer children need to be placed. This is not the case. The number of children adopted has been higher over the last five years than at any other point in the last. There are still high numbers of children in the system who need to be adopted.”

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What does our data tell us about what is happening in the adoption system? The view of the Adoption Leadership Board (April 2017)

This paper looks at recent trends in adoption and permanency decision-making and highlights differences in the number of decisions for adoption in different areas of England. Data collected by the Adoption Leadership Board suggests that while the fall in decisions for adoption and placement orders seems to have halted, this masks a high degree of variation in decision-making at a local and regional level. The paper also highlights that there are nearly 600 children with placement orders that have been waiting for 18 months or more since entering care.

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