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Placing Children > Inter-Agency Fees
  • The fees charged by CVAA members for interagency placements have been set at a level which recognises the cost of maintaining a professional placement service.

  • Other services may be commissioned by agreement.

  • Voluntary income of CVAA members is used to subsidise access to information, provision of intermediary services and adoption support to placements made in the days before interagency fees were charged. Voluntary income is also used to develop new and innovative services.

New Fee Level

The Board of Trustees met on 11.04.11. At that meeting it was decided that the current interagency fee should be increased to £27,000 with effect from 01.04.11. This represents an increase of £3,000 and while this decision was not taken lightly in view of the current financial pressure on public spending, we acknowledged that there had been no increase for 2 years and that this is having an adverse effect on our agency finances. Of course this does still fall well short of the Selwyn research figure of £37,000 and while the long term goal for CVAA(UK) is that members are able to recover the full costs of placing children for adoption with our families, we recognise the challenges we face to achieve that goal. Indeed, during discussion with ADCS during 2010, an initial increase of £3000 was seen to be reasonable, given recent evidence of the real costs of adoption similarly across both the voluntary and statutory sectors. Therefore, increased fee levels cannot be ruled out in future years but this is not currently planned.

The fee level of agencies in London will have a weighting of 10%, giving a figure of £29,700.


This now means that the fee is charged in equal thirds of £9,000; £18.000 at the point of placement and £9,000 after 1 year or at the granting of the adoption order, whichever comes first. This means that the post adoption module is now integrated into the overall fee.

It was further agreed by Trustees that should member agencies wish to consider offering a charging mechanism to local Authorities that allows for monthly payments (12 payments of £2,250) then CVAA UK would be happy to discuss this.

Whenever we have increased the fee level in the past it has always been that it was back dated to the beginning of the financial year. However, the Board of Trustees appreciate that many of our member agencies will have recently negotiated placements on the basis of the unrevised fee and so we have agreed that each agency can have the leeway to decide for themselves if they wish to apply the new fee in such circumstances.


Please see the documents below for detailed information on the new fees for both new and existing placements.