Practice Excellence

CVAA is committed to developing standards of excellence in practice throughout the voluntary sector and adoption system. Our practice programme supports this by providing members and other adoption professionals the opportunity to network and share practice via a series of workshops and evidence seminars. The programme aims to embed the learning and build on the success from our 2017-18 PIF funded practice excellence programme, where we equipped our members with the skills and resources to incorporate evidence into their practice and measure their own impact.

CVAA Practice Workshops

CVAA’s practice workshops are regional facilitated events to support practitioner development and have been developed through extensive consultation with the sector. Based on feedback from members we have designed our practice workshops as opportunities to look in depth at priority areas of practice. Across our first six CVAA practice workshops we discussed involvement of young people in services, disclosure of information and intermediary services and transitions. We are delighted to continue to run events of greatest benefit to our members and expand our reach to provide services to new audiences.

CVAA Evidence Seminars

CVAA Evidence Seminars continue to bridge the gap between research and practice by providing our members with the opportunity to hear directly from academics about the latest, most relevant research. Over the past year at CVAA Practice events we have heard from Professor Hugh McLaughlin, Professor Jo Ward, Professor Julie Selwyn, Dr Matt Woolgar, and Dr Graham Music.


Participants in all CVAA events have access to resources to help them with their own CPD activity, and to enable them to easily replicate sessions in their own agencies to encourage dissemination of learning. These include CVAA’s Theory of Change template designed to help practitioners consider the impact of their services, videos of our academic speakers, written summaries of discussions held at our workshops, practice posters and papers, and presentation slides by speakers at our events. CVAA Members can view all the resources from CVAA Practice events by logging into the member’s area of our website.

CVAA’s practice programme is underpinned by the following CVAA Priorities for Outcome Improvement:

  • Priority 1: Placement of priority children – To improve equality of outcomes for those groups of children who are less well served by the adoption system than others
  • Priority 2: Permanency planning – To improve early decision-making about permanency, whatever the right permanent home for a child, and develop new and effective models of permanency planning where appropriate
  • Priority 3: Adoption support – To improve the effectiveness and availability of excellent, life-long adoption support, to all parties to adoption, including birth families.

For information about ticket costs and to see what’s coming up in our programme, click here. For more information and with any questions please email