3.5 hours CPD


Adoption practitioners and managers (Voluntary Adoption Agencies, Regional Adoption Agencies and Local Authorities) and Independent Professionals.


The Practice Webinar will present the ‘’Life-Story Work and Life-Story Book’’ Training the Coram Adoption Support Team has been providing for Adoptive Parents over a number of years. Adoptive Parents are encouraged to make their own Life-story Books for their children, and to engage in Life-Story work with them as part of everyday family life.

Adoptive Parents have reported that the Training has been very helpful and enabling in giving them the confidence and skills they need to take on this important and difficult task. The focus throughout is on establishing a collaborative approach between parents and child, so that the child’s story becomes part of the adoptive family’s story, and the child is not left carrying the weight of their history alone. Parents report that Communication has been enhanced, and their children are relieved to have their deep feelings and anxieties about their life-story understood and held in mind.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of holding the child’s lived experience in mind and supporting adoptive parents to do this so that they can help their child understand what happened and why they are adopted.
  • How to ‘speak the unspeakable’ – how you can help and support adoptive parents to do this in a sensitive and honest way with their child.
  • Acknowledging this is a daunting task for many parents and that Child Placement Reports and Life-Story Books often ‘disable’ them from engaging in this crucial work with their children. The webinar will look at how this can be overcome and how adoptive parents can be given skills and tools to engage in life-story work with their child, and make their own Life-Story book which is helpful for the child.
  • Understanding how this approach improves adoptive children’s wellbeing and adoptive family life. And how it promotes attachment through encouraging this deep and compassionate understanding between children and adoptive parents.

About the trainers

Teresa Downy and Debbie Connolly are Senior Social Workers who have worked for many years in Adoption - with adopted children and adults, adoptive parents and families, and with birth relatives. They are members of Coram’s Adoption Support Team, which delivers a wide range of services for children and families. Teresa and Debbie provide regular workshops within their Regional Agency for adoptive parents in Life-Story work, and support groups for parents involved in Life-Story work and making Life-Story books for their child.


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