It is normal for all adoptive families to need help. VAAs deliver a range of specialist adoption support services to ensure your family is supported throughout your lifelong adoption journey. All kinds of support are available, including therapeutic, financial and educational. VAAs support all parties affected by adoption, including birth families.

"I know that Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAAs) have been at the forefront of listening to and learning from those affected by adoption, recognising its lifelong impact, and seeking to ensure that support is available as and when it is needed. It isn’t always easy to ask for help, particularly when life is difficult, but you don’t need to struggle on your own. I’ve seen how VAAs encourage adoptive families to stay in touch with them and with other adopters even when things are going well; this can provide a sound basis for asking for help when the going gets tough. That’s a message that applies to birth families too and I know that many VAAs provide special services which reach out to support them.

If your connection with adoption is through a VAA, that agency will always aim ’to be there for you’, whether as a first point of call, to signpost to the services you need, or to provide those services directly. There are many challenges in adoption, but with help and support, then the rewards can be immense."

Chris Smith, Adoption Practice Expert

Often the method of support offered varies from agency to agency, however all our members are expert and able to meet your needs, or help you find someone who can. For further information about adoption support please click here.

CVAA also has close links with CASA, the Consortium of Adoption Support Agencies. CASA provides information on adoption support agencies (ASAs), including a directory of all its members. ASAs offer a range of support to those affected by adoption and other forms of permanent care, e.g. special guardianship and kinship care. Find out more about CASA and its members here.