With the recent announcement of this autumn’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR), CVAA is considering how the Adoption Support Fund could be improved to more efficiently and effectively deliver the support that children and families need.

In February 2020, CVAA hosted a roundtable event on the Adoption Support Fund with delegates from across the adoption system. The discussion built on the findings of the APPG for Adoption and Permanence and explored options for change from the perspective of agencies, practitioners, and government. Since then, of course, there have been new developments, with adoption support going almost entirely digital and the DfE introducing the ASF Covid-19 scheme.

All of those who attended the roundtable strongly supported the ASF and wished to work constructively with government to make the best possible use of these welcome and much-needed resources for adopted and special guardian children and their families.

The conversations in both the plenary and breakout sessions reflected a wide range of concerns and possibilities. They provided fresh ideas and comprehensive evidence for the recommendations in this report.

Download the report - Supporting Families, Achieving Change