For CVAA practice materials shared from November 2019 onwards (unless otherwise stated).

This policy shall apply to intellectual property owned by presenters that participate in the CVAA Practice Programme.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that any external materials that are created to support CVAA practice events are used in ways which ensure that maximum benefit goes to the owners.

External materials shared at all CVAA events should be protected by copyright. It is the responsibility of an intellectual property owner to ensure that copyright applies to their materials. Government guidance on how to protect intellectual property can be found here.

To ensure that CVAA’s practice sharing principles are met and that a holistic approach to system change continues, we encourage intellectual property owners to only present materials that they are willing to share with others. Intellectual property owners agree to share relevant practice materials with CVAA members and other practice programme participants (these include statutory and independent professionals) in both spoken and written form under the copyright and trademark conditions. Intellectual property owners agree that notes of presentations and records of discussions are shared with practice programme participants. The materials are e-stored in the members area on the CVVA website at or shared via email in .pdf format with non-members.

If the intellectual property owners do not agree to share these materials with others, the intellectual property owners must send their communication concerning exercising the right to intellectual property as soon as they become aware of this concern, and no later than six weeks prior to the event date by notifying CVAA practice programme liaison or sending an email to [email protected] or in writing to the following postal address:

Unit 409, Southbank House,

Black Prince Road,


London SE1 7SJ.

The intellectual property owners must clearly state that they do not wish to share their materials.