6 hours CPD


Adoption practitioners and managers (Voluntary Adoption Agencies, Regional Adoption Agencies and Local Authorities) and Independent Professionals.


The purpose of this expert-led training session co-delivered with leading practitioners from Body and Soul is to provide deeper understanding of: 

  • Psychoeducation – to provide you with robust information about intergenerational trauma so they feel more empowered in supporting families who are really struggling, but also some really practical evidence-based skills/approaches that they can use themselves to make their frontline work that little bit easier in the moment, and also pass on to parents to skill them up so that the families themselves become happier and more resilient over the long term.
  • Reflective practice – to provide a forum for sharing and validating all the existing expertise and experience of people who are attending the training, and to reflect together on what we bring to our work as individuals and how this shapes our responses to colleagues and clients.

We will dive into two key areas:

 1. Understanding intergenerational trauma and the key biological, emotional, psychological and social processes that shape it, including:

  • The neuroscience of toxic stress and the impact of early trauma on child development – and then how this impacts on your approach to parenting in adult life.
  • The impact of repetitive trauma (think neglect, racism, structural discrimination etc) and all the systemic factors that compound and reinforce it (think poverty, marginalisation etc).

2. Useful skills and approaches for helping parents and families help themselves, including: 

  • Practical skills for regulating your emotions and for tolerating distress – which social workers can demonstrate to parents, so that the parents feel liberated and skilled-up to help their children in moments of high anxiety, upset, anger etc.
  • Then also the wider picture of how children find a pathway to healing and some strategies for helping adoptive families become more resilient over time – e.g. the power of validation, of positive reinforcement, of enhancing a variety of protective factors rather than focusing exclusively on the most obvious risks.

You will be able to network with practitioners from other agencies, share best practice and glean new ideas.


A member of staff will be in touch with attendees one week prior to the event to share a pre-event delegate pack.

If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please contact us at [email protected]. We will aim to answer your query within two working days.

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The event starts in 178 days 11 hours 50 mins 23 secs

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