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Practice conference, a joint initiative with CCS Adoption, aimed at adoption practitioners and managers (Voluntary Adoption Agencies, Regional Adoption Agencies and Local Authorities) and independent professionals


In recent years post-adoption contact has come under increasing scrutiny and found wanting.  All too often not meeting the needs of adopted children, their adoptive families or their birth families. The use of the term `contact’ has itself been critiqued as problematic as merely having `contact’ is not an end so it is thought that the terminology needs to address the point of contact, i.e. relationship development/continuation, family communication and identity building. Letter box arrangements are still the default option for post-adoption contact and yet even these indirect contact arrangements are often poorly supported and managed, and also beg the question; who writes letters any more as a main form of communication in this digital age of messaging and the internet?

  • At this conference we will be asking those present to ask the big questions and to collectively pool ideas for what post-adoption contact that is fit for the 21st century could look like
  • Keynote speakers will help us set the scene and then you will be contributing your experience and ideas to identify the issues with current practice/policy, suggest possible solutions and help write an agenda for what needs to happen next to influence practice/policy and create real change

We believe that post-adoption contact should be viewed as part of essential on-going life story work and the need to acknowledge that the child, the adopters and the birth family are in a `relationship’ throughout the child’s life, regardless of whether or not there is any formal contact (direct or indirect) is imperative.

Could we design a better system that puts children’s long term relational and identity needs centre stage and that takes account of the new ways we now all communicate?

Join us for this practice conference, a joint initiative with CCS Adoption, and be part of the impetus for change!

Timings and agenda TBC soon. 


A member of staff will be in touch with attendees one week prior to the event to share a pre-event delegate pack.

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The event starts in 76 days 4 hours 37 mins 50 secs

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