Adoption is about providing a loving home and protecting children from ongoing serious harm. It is not a question of class or income. Adoptive parents come from a range of backgrounds, as do the children waiting for a home. Being on a low income or benefits, renting your home or having a disability doesn’t stand in the way of adopting a child. Suitability for being an adopter is based on a number of factors, the most important of which is that you have the commitment, warmth, energy and flexibility to meet a child’s emotional and physical needs as they grow up.

You need to be able to give your adopted child plenty of time and attention, too, which may mean work has to change. This could have financial implications. Your adoption agency will provide advice on this, but having a low income is in no way a barrier to being an adoptive parent.

Adoption agencies don’t charge to assess or approve adopters. But there may be some additional costs such as GP charges for a medical certificate.  This depends on the individual GP practice and you may be able to get costs covered by the local authority in some circumstances.