Many (probably most!) people have periods of stress, depression or anxiety in their lives. Whilst your agency would need to discuss with you how you have managed these experiences, they are unlikely to prevent you adopting a child.

Additionally, some people have longer-term mental health conditions which are well controlled with medication. There would need to be discussion about this, and your medical assessment would provide the agency with medical advice in relation to your ability to adopt and parent a child. The main considerations will relate to how often you might be unwell, how that manifests itself, and who is there to offer support at such times.

The focus for the adoption agency will always be to assess your ability to meet a child’s needs in a consistent way and to consider how the stress of adopting a child will affect your mental health.

There may be times when the agency feels that someone’s mental health is not stable enough to parent an adopted child. This would be considered early in the assessment process with the input of medical professionals and the people who know you well.