Your agency will recommend that at least one parent takes time off work following a child moving in with their adoptive family - this is true of single adopters, too. If you work for a company (i.e. are not self-employed), you may be entitled to statutory adoption leave and pay, and if you have a partner they may be entitled to the equivalent of paternity leave.

A child will need time to build a relationship with their new family, and it will take time for them to feel safe and secure. It is difficult to say how long this will take, but at least 12 months is not unusual. If an older child is moving in with you and attends school, then after a period of settling in it may be possible to work and still be there for the child at either end of the school day.

On occasion, a child may need a parent to be off work longer than 12 months, in which case financial support may be available from your agency or the local authority where the child was in care. For people who are self-employed and not entitled to adoption leave allowances, your agency would need to discuss with you how you plan to balance the need for work and offering a child the stability and time that they need when they first move in with you.