CVAA represents the VAA sector in a wide range of national forums in England. Our presence enables us to advocate for our members and lobby for change where families and children are not being well served by the adoption system.

CVAA members are always welcome to contact us with anything that they would like us to raise in any of these forums.

Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board (ASGLB)

The Adoption Leadership Board (ALB) was established in 2014 to provide leadership to the adoption system and drive improvements in performance and outcomes. In 2018 the Board became the Adoption and Special Guardianship Leadership Board (ASGLB), with a remit to cover previously looked after children subject to adoption or special guardianship orders. The management and secretariat service for the ASGLB is delivered by Coram-i; please visit their website for up-to-date news and information about the Board and for the latest data on adoption.

The ASGLB is chaired by Andrew Christie CBE, who was appointed by the Education Secretary in March 2016. Andrew has over 40 years’ experience on the front line of children’s social care and is also Chair of the Birmingham Children’s Trust. Board members are senior officials from key organisations in the adoption and permanence system in England.

CVAA has two seats on the ASGLB – one for the CEO and one for a Trustee – and we attend all of the ASGLB’s quarterly meetings.

Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) Steering Group

CVAA sits on the RAA Steering Group which is convened by the Department for Education. At these meetings, we provide feedback from our members on the regionalisation programme and advocate for government policy which appropriately supports all agencies to deliver the best for children and families.

National Recruitment Steering Group

CVAA sits on the cross-sector National Recruitment Steering Group, which oversees funding for adopter recruitment provided by the Department for Education. The Steering Group brings together voluntary organisations, LAs and RAAs to strategically plan national adoption recruitment campaigns, with a focus on finding adopters for the children who wait the longest, including BAME children, children in sibling groups, and children with highly complex needs.

RAA Cohort Events

‘Cohort events’ for RAA leaders are an important part of the Department for Education’s regionalisation programme. These events provide an opportunity for leaders and managers whose RAAs are at similar stages of development to learn from one another and from the DfE’s programme delivery partners. CVAA has attended and presented at some of these events, to ensure that RAA leaders are considering the value and contributions of the voluntary sector as they design their services.

Ofsted Adoption subgroup

Ofsted hosts a quarterly meeting of adoption professionals in order to share good practice, raise issues, disseminate information and inform inspection policy. We attend these meetings on behalf of CVAA’s membership and ensure that concerns and feedback from the VAA sector are on the agenda.

CoramBAAF UK Social Work Practice Advisory Committee

The UKSWPAC is a group of social work practitioners who meet termly to discuss practice and policy issues in adoption, fostering and child care. CoramBAAF kindly invites CVAA to attend these meetings, which provide us with useful insights into key issues in adoption practice and help to inform the themes of our Practice Programme.