CVAA members and subscribers receive a weekly e-bulletin of adoption stories that have recently been featured in the media. The most recent adoption in media e-bulletin contained a series of stories run by the Guardian during National Adoption Week.

These stories gave readers an insight into the world of adoption - one article provided figures on the number of children waiting to be adopted in England compared to the number of approved adopters. According to the most recent ASGLB data, there are currently twice as many children waiting to be adopted as there are families who are willing to adopt. Another article looked to explore the reasons behind the increased waiting time for BAME children - the average white British child waits 919 days for adoption, but boys of black African descent face the longest wait – 1,302 days. The topic of adoption support was also explored, with adopters detailing the importance of the support they receive. Additionally, the Guardian sought to dispel myths around the perceived ‘requirements’ of becoming adopter. Their article explained that ‘you can be over 50, LGBTQ+, in a civil partnership or single, and you can adopt a child’ explaining that ‘the most important issues are your commitment and motivation and your understanding of what adopting a child means in 2019’.

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