This #NationalAdoptionWeek, our focus at CVAA is on the importance of #AdopterChoice. Prospective adopters have many options when deciding on an agency, and one of many important things to consider is the availability of adoption support services.

CVAA members, many of whom have been providing adoption services for decades or even centuries, know that the adoption order is just the first step in a lifelong journey. They work with all of those involved in adoption along with cutting-edge research to ensure that the services they provide are effective.

One of our members, Family Futures, will soon be publishing exciting new research on the effectiveness of their Neuro-Physiological Psychotherapy (NPP) treatment model. Family Futures use this integrated multidisciplinary intervention to treat older adopted children who have experienced maltreatment and sustained trauma in their birth families.

This research is the first to compare outcomes for adopted young people who received NPP treatment with those who were recommended the treatment but were unable to receive it. It is available for free until 2 November, when the paper will be published in Child Abuse & Neglect, 97, 104128.

Please click here to read more and to download the article for free before 2 November.


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